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They say education takes you places. In the case of Paultek that can be taken both literally as well as figuratively. Since he wasn’t quite the A-student, his focus went from school grades to music. At 16 he started mixing with cd’s. It didn’t take long ‘till he found his way to local vinyl stores. And so the early concept of D-minus was on the go.

The very first LP to slide into his Curver box was Nathan Fake with The sky was pink. Like any other dj with an urge to share the passion for music, he started playing at local parties and bars such as Patjelli’s, rectors Break out, underground private parties, Swimsuit Festival and as a resident at Tropics party, Cirque Constance Festival and PolderFest. In order to reach even more people with his sounds, Paultek decided to take his first steps into the producing world. And so he decided to revise the D-minus concept and introduce Paultek (Tribute to his father)

To Paultek, music unleashes an undeniable energy to create. Icons like Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth and Dominik Eulberg count as true sources of inspiration. That’s why the Paultek sound is a melting pot of jazz, funky house, balkan beats as well as dark punchy techno enriched by fresh mixing skills.

Shared Decks with:
Laston&Geo, Seba Lecompte, DJ Licious, Freaquency, Laurent Davidsson, Miss Polska, Monolog, Jönlen, Die Clique, Koodoo, LaMaz,Veeboo, Issa Maiga, Emdjee, T.Mastis, Mass septuM, The Sloofs, Carbon, Pete Porter, Zeef, Vaptiest, Steven Verve, Lexis, Sargon, Botox, Jeff, Olaf Norman, …


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Paultek Paultek Paultek Paultek
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